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Onondaga Ski Club

A Club For All Seasons

Any member can host and lead a social or outdoor activity - many of which can be spur of the moment activities.  By impromptu, we mean activities that a member will be leading within 1 or 2 days and are not sponsored by the Onondaga Ski Club and are entered into solely with the understanding that these are held without any club liability.  For events that are sponsored by the club, use the club calendar.   

IMPROMPTU: You find yourself with spare time on your hands and you want to get a group together quickly for dinner, for taking a walk, for doing a short hike, for going x-country skiing, for a game night around the table, for going to a show, etc.  Here is a great place to get it started.

First, logon to the website with your E-mail and Password.  Next, go to the Impromptu Activities Forum then click on the "Create a Topic" tab and type in the details of your impromptu activity.  An email will go out to all those who 'Subscribe' to this forum.  By clicking 'Subscribe' you agree to receive emails for this Forum.






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