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Starting a new year at the club's lodge

  • 01/08/2020 6:10 PM
    Message # 8520192

    OK, it wasn't actually New Years, but a little later some members of the club decided to head up to the club's lodge in Lower Granville, Vt to do some skiing and have a great time. It all took place and did leave big smiles on everyone's face. Twelve members of our club showed up and went skiing at local areas, then would get together in the lodge afterward for great meals, super conversations, and a little bit of wine or beer. OK, maybe more of the last item, but it was an increditable time where we all just had a great time enjoying the opportunity to utilize our lodge in Vermont. Members of our club have such a wonderful option of staying at the lodge in the winter or the summer. It is something all club members should do just to get out of town and have a 'vacation' any time of the year. Your membership gives you options non members of our club don't have. Take advantage of it. 

    Oh yes, the snow on the local mountains was super. Too bad my legs got tired so soon....


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