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Onondaga Ski Club

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Lodge Reservations & Rates

last updated: 2017-05-07 11:04:48

For reservations, call David Clark at 315-635-1686 or email If you get the answering machine, please speak clearly and leave your:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. Dates that you would like to use the lodge
  5. Number of people
  6. Accommodations desired

Your reservation will be confirmed by a return phone call. Full payment is required within seven (7) days of making the reservation. All paid reservations will be given preference over unpaid reservations. 

Send your payment to:

David Clark
1924 Hoag Road
Warners,  NY 13164

Make all checks payable to Onondaga Ski Club.


  • THE COMBINATION TO THE LOCK ON THE FRONT DOOR OF THE LODGE CHANGES REGULARLY. Be sure to get the lodge lock combination prior to traveling to the lodge.

Lodge Rates

Rates for use of the lodge are determined by the cost of operation, maintenance, utilities, etc. Therefore it is important that you treat the lodge as your home away from home and use it as frequently as you can. The money we all pay to use the lodge balances off the basic costs of insurance, taxes, and utilities. Frequent use spreads the cost out and keeps the rates low.

Effective with payments after Dec 1, 2017:

Dorm room

$28.00 per person, per night. Includes 9% Vermont sales tax.

Private room

$56.00 per night for two. Includes 9% Vermont sales tax.(a)

Group Reservation rates effective 5/1/18
Family or Group rental May-October. Add 9% Vt. sales tax to all rates below.(b)  

       $350.00 one day

       $450.00 two days

       $550.00 three days

     $650.00 four days

     $750.00 five days

     $850.00 one week (one day free)

     For each additional day over 7 (1 week), add $100.00 to the $850.00 weekly fee. Reservation not to exceed 14 days


(a) Rates for rooms 7 and 4 may vary if used by more than two people additional $12.00 Children per twin bed, $28.00 Adults per twin bed. Includes 9% Vermont sales tax

(b) A family or a group sponsored by an Onondaga Ski Club member can reserve the entire Lodge for a family or group gathering from May through October of each year.  The pricing for such use is shown in the table.  Click on the "Group Reservation" link for more details.

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