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Expectation of signing up for Nastar

  • 01/11/2018 10:56 PM
    Message # 5677486

    The expectation when you sign up for Team Nastar is that you will indeed go down the course.  It is not just to get an inexpensive ticket.  You let down your team when you do not participate and try.  Use your judgement on how fast you will go.  This is a fun event but if you don't participate you will not get the full experience.  Afterwards, the pizza is for the racers who raced that day.  Again, this is a time to socialize and get to know others.  The results of the race for the day will be handed out.  There are prizes each week but it does require participation to be eligible for the prize.   I believe Nastar racing can be very rewarding and the friendships you will gain is the best part! 

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