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Onondaga Ski Club

A Club For All Seasons

Staying at the Lodge

For your stay at the lodge you will need to bring sheets or sleeping bags and pillow cases, towels, and whatever food items you plan to consume. Blankets are provided. The kitchen is fully equipped. Please take your recyclable food bottles and cans back home with you. Cleaning of your assigned room and all common areas must be done before departing. There is no cell phone reception at the lodge and only local calls can be made on the lodge phone. Therefore, a calling card is necessary if you plan to make long distance calls from the lodge phone. 
The lodge phone number is 802-767-3234.

There are four bathrooms at the lodge. A men's dorm bathroom and a women's dorm bathroom are on the first floor. The third bathroom is shared by rooms 5, 6, and 7 on the second floor. The fourth bathroom is shared by rooms 1, 2, 3, and 4, also on the second floor.  

The rules and regulations for use of the lodge have been developed through experience and for the best interest of our members. They are posted for your information and use. Please make an effort to keep the lodge clean and let us know if anything needs attention. 


  • ELIGIBILITY - Must be a current adult member (>17 years of age) or a junior member (13 to 17 years of age).
  • CHILDREN AT THE LODGE - The lodge is open to families with children of any age from April to October and on selected dates throughout the winter.
  • NEW JUNIOR MEMBERS (AGE 13-17) - One free night in the dorm or in rooms 4, 5, and 7 with a parent or guardian.
  • NEW MEMBERS - One free night (dorm accommodations or equivalent toward a room rental); must be used during the current membership year.
  • GROUP RENTALS - The lodge is available on a limited basis during the months of May through October for group rentals. Think about planning a family reunion week or a reunion of your college friends at the lodge. Groups may bring children of any age during their group rental time. Talk to Ken Robbins or Dave Clark about setting up a group rental and about the rates for such an event.

(see page for additional information)

Dorm room: $28.00 per person, per night. Includes 9% Vermont room tax.

Private room: $56.00  per night double occupancy. Includes 9% Vermont room tax. (There are two rooms, #7 and #4 with additional twin beds)


  • SIGN IN - You must sign in, on arrival, in the log book in the kitchen.
  • FIRST TO ARRIVE - If you are the first person to arrive, please turn the hot water on and adjust thermostats as needed.
  • "QUIET HOURS" - between 11:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M.
  • CLEANING - Everyone is responsible for lodge cleaning before departing (see list).
  • CHECK OUT - 12:00 noon.
  • EMPTY ROOM - If clothing or other items are left in your room with the anticipation of returning in a few days, you will be charged as if you were occupying that room.
  • LAST TO LEAVE - If you are the last one to check out, please turn off the hot water switch and turn the three thermostats back to 55 degrees. Location of the three thermostats:
    Living Room

    Upstairs hall front                                                                                                                                                                                                       Upstairs hall back


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