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Election Process

As written in the OSC By-Laws, the Club is required to request nominations and to hold an election each year.  Our candidates must be elected by a quorum (10%) of members whether there is one or more candidates for a position.  Your vote creates this quorum.  Your "yea" or "nay" allows us to validate our choice of candidates.  PLEASE plan to vote! 
March: Schussboomer - Election overview providing nomination info,  absentee ballot info, list of current Candidates with Bios, and other election items to be presented.

April: Ballot Available - An email will be sent to members with a link to the voting ballot.  Voting will be from:
Tues Apr 5th at 8:00am to Sun Apr 10th - until 11:59pm.  (2022)

April Annual Meeting: Ballots (online & absentee) will be counted and the results will be available on the day of the April Annual Meeting

Candidates and Proposals 2022

Vice President Candidate: Maggie Timofy
Recording Secretary Candidate: Gary Tarolli

Director Candidates:
(6 positions available, see Bios below)
Kathy Chapin
Steve Davis
Marianne Knych

Tracey Noble

Emmet Owens

Henry Wakefield 

Proposal:  Changes to By-Laws (Link to Changes PDF)
There have been extensive changes to the Bylaws.  Please view before voting.

Candidate Bios

Vice President Candidate: Maggie Timofy

I joined the Ski Club so that I would have others to ski with. I have to say it was a great decision because I’ve made a lot of friends and I’ve had many wonderful experiences because of it. I have enjoyed learning more about the club by being on the Board of Directors. It’s just another way to help the club move forward. Seeing how things work from the inside has been very educational and enjoyable. I moved into the position of vice president because there was a need. So, I am running for the position now so that I can continue to learn how to be of assistance to the functioning of this club. We are a club of volunteers. I hope to be able to continue to serve my fellow friends and Club mates.

Recording Secretary Candidate: Gary Tarolli

My name is Gary Tarolli, and I am running for the office of Onondaga Ski Club Recording Secretary. I have been with the club for 6 years, and since 2019 held a seat on the Board of Directors. I was also a Trip Leader for the OSC Western Ski Trips to Mt. Bachelor in 2019 and Big Sky in 2020.
In order for the Club to remain strong and offer the variety of events and activities it does, volunteers are needed to step up and contribute with their strengths, especially in times of need. When the original 2019 Western trip to Snowbird was canceled and it was either a replacement trip or no trip, I stepped up to be Assistant Trip Leader for a trip to Mt. Bachelor, Oregon. I would like to offer my services again at a time of need. For the past year we have been without a Recording Secretary to record Board Meeting minutes. I would like to fill that vacancy. I consider myself capable of performing the duties of the position. I am detail and procedure oriented, organized, and have the necessary computer skills.
I’m asking for your vote as Recording Secretary so I may assist the Club in doing what it does best, ensuring its members enjoy themselves pursuing activities they are passionate about.

Director Candidate: Kathy Chapin 

I am Kathy Chapin, and I am running for a second term on the Board of directors.  My husband and I joined the club 14 years ago to participate in the cycling activity.  We have since enjoyed western ski trips, camping, kayaking as well as the friendship and comradery of the club.
I retired 4 years ago after working as a clinical laboratory technologist.  I wanted to become more active in the club after retiring so I was honored to be elected to the BOD three years ago.  My profession required attention to detail and adherence to policies and procedures; all qualities I have employed as a board member and while also serving on the membership and marketing committees.  Serving on the BOD has been a rewarding educational experience as I now understand the many components and people that make this club successful.  So, I hope that you’ll vote for me so that I may continue to serve the Onondaga Ski Club.

Director Candidate: Steve Davis
My name is Stephen Davis, and I am running for a position on the board of directors because I want to see the Onondaga Ski Club (OSC) continue as a strong and successful Ski Club, and more importantly a strong and successful Club For All Seasons. I am enthusiastic, personable and an accomplished organizer and experienced problem solver – qualities that I believe will make me an outstanding OSC director.
I have been a member of the OSC for 7 years and am an avid alpine skier. Since joining the club, I have led several club trips, most recently a trip to Loon and Cannon mountains in New Hampshire. In addition, I am also the editor of the club’s newsletter the Schussboomer and participate in non-skiing activities such as Wednesday evening bike rides, Adopt-a-Highway, and Happy Hours. My experiences outside the OSC enhance my abilities to serve as a director. I am retired after 32 years as an engineer in the nuclear power industry where I was responsible for assisting other staff members solve problems that challenged performance improvement.
My problem solving skills helped subject matter experts and plant operators find causes of problems faster thus enabling them to implement the right fixes that improved plant reliability and performance.  I was also active in several volunteer organizations prior to joining the OSC.  I was an Honor Club President of the Optimist Club of Prince Frederick MD, President of the Tri County Chapter in Southern MD of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Singing in America, Vice President of Beaches Water Company, St Leonard MD (a nonprofit water company serving about 600 homes), Treasurer of the Human Performance Root Cause and Trending (HPRCT) industry group. I offer my past experiences and skills to help continue the success of the OSC as a member of the management team. Please vote for me.

Director CandidateMarianne Knych
Former neighbors and Onondaga Ski Club members introduced me to OSC over 15 years ago and since that time I’ve enjoyed so many outdoor/and social activities including: biking, hiking, kayaking, and skiing. I enjoy all the seasons in CNY and am so glad to have great friends from OSC that share my interests and love of the outdoors!
I grew up in CNY and attended Nazareth College. I’m currently pursuing my Master of Social Work degree at Syracuse University and will graduate in May! No matter how busy I am, I always like to find time for exercise and socializing with OSC.  After so many years of enjoying so much that the club has to offer, I feel now is a good time for me to give back and help the club grow and move forward in the future.

Director Candidate: Tracey Noble
OSC Member since 2017 - Ski Trip Committee member since 2020.
Participant in ski trips out west in 2017, 2018, 2020, and the upcoming trip of 2022.  Participated in one club golf tournament Interested in trying to get involved in other activities but my job keeps getting in the way!
Director CandidateEmmet Owens
I am pleased to submit this biography to support my candidacy for the Board of Directors. I started skiing in central New York as a child, as did my wife Ellen.  Our 3 children, and now 2 granddaughters are skiers. Ellen and I have been members of Onondaga Ski Club since 2016. We have greatly enjoyed the opportunities for outdoor activities and social interaction that are made available by the club, including skiing, cycling, hiking, and social events.
I have been on the cycling committee, currently serving as chair. We have thoroughly enjoyed ski trips to Quebec City, Big Sky, and Park City.  We have made trips to the Lodge in most winters. I was an assistant leader for a UDrive ski trip this year.  I am a candidate for the Board because I want to participate in organizing, managing, and supporting all the outdoor and social activities that are available to members of the club, and to ensure that these activities continue for existing and new members in the years ahead.
I retired in 2021 following a 44-year career as an environmental engineer, most recently in management for the Bureau of Water Supply, City of New York. Outside of OSC, I am an avid runner and have completed the Mountain Goat, Boilermaker, and other local runs for many years. We are members of Willow Bank Yacht Club in Cazenovia, we enjoy getting out on our 15-foot sailboat, and we host the club’s July 4th celebration. I am involved in volunteer work with the Disabled American Veterans.
Director CandidateHenry Wakefield

I have been a member since October of 2007. Joined the Lodge Committee in 2008. I was the OSC Treasurer from 2013 to 2017. I was chair of the Finance Committee those same years and am still serve on that committee. I was the internal auditor through Mary Begley’s term as Treasurer. I have participated in a number of events with the club to include Adopt-a-highway, road rallies, and work weekends at the lodge to name a few.
Outside of the club, I serve as Treasurer for the Central New York Council of the Navy League, just completed my term as Senior Warden at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, serve as President of the Foundation Board and the chair of Diocesan Property Committee for the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York, church choir member and teller, and I am also involved with music.
I want to continue my service the OSC by serving as a Director on the Board.  Thanks, Henry

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