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Onondaga Ski Club

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WINTER 2020 -2021  Activities & Events

Winter Activities Quick Links:
Ski Locations - U Drive Trips:  (under the "Trips" menu) - View Winter Ski Activities 
U Drive Trips Forum (under Forums) - view the info on or status of U Drive Trips
Hiking Forum
(under Forums or Activities) - View Winter hiking or snow shoeing

2021 Team NASTAR Results: Check out everyone's personal  results for each race and see how your team is doing.

The On-Line Store is Open: The OSC is offering discount lift tickets to Killington and Pico. These tickets are for mid week non holiday periods.

Winter 2021  Hot Deals:
Ski season is here, check  the Hot Deals offered by  ski areas, our sponsors and advertisers  before you venture out to enjoy the snow.

HIKING:  We're going hiking!  Check out the calendar or Hiking Forum for more information

Fool Moon XC Ski at Beaver Lake: Join the OSC for a night of XC skiing or snowshoeing at Beaver Lake - February 27th.

U-Drive Bristol Mountain Day:  The OSC is going to Bristol Mountain on March 2nd. 

Club Day at McCauley Mountain:  Ski McCauley Mountain with us on March 6th. 

Club Day at Woods Valley:  Ski with us at Woods Valley Peak on March 13, 2021. 

Stoney Pond Hike/Ski:   Join us for this hike / ski at Stoney Pond on March 3rd. 

St Patrick's Day hike at Pratt's Falls:   Join us for this hike at Pratt's Falls Park on March 17th. 

Messages and Updates

Lodge:  The lodge remains closed due to Covid-19. The Lodge Committee is monitoring the situation watching for the opportunity to reopen. (click "Lodge" for more details)

Winter 20/21

Winter Activities:    
Ski Locations - U Drive Trips: 
(under the "Activities" menu) - View Winter Ski Activities 
U Drive Trips Forum (under Forums) - view the info on or status of U Drive Trips
Hiking Forum
(under Forums or Activities) View Winter hiking or snow shoeing The website provides daily email updates for ski area conditions and other relevant information (i.e. Covid information)

Strength & Conditioning for Skiing:  Start now for great results later!  View the PDF file (slides format) to make this happen! 

Reuse, Repair, or Replace Your Ski Gear  (consider this)
is an article from the National Ski Council Federation


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For events and activities, visit the Calendar to find out all about what's happening!

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OSC 10% discount on pool supplies
OSC: $12 flights or $1 off a pint, 1/visit
OSC 10% Discount on accessories
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