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Onondaga Ski Club

A Club For All Seasons

Spring 2021  Activities & Events

2021 OSC Election: The election is just around the corner . Here is  information about the candidates who are running for office and will lead our club into the future.
The Polls are now open. Click Here to vote. (In order to vote, you will need to sign in)

March General Meeting:  Did you miss the March General Meeting?  You can still 'attend' by clicking here and watching on YouTube.  The video will be available until April 5. 

HIKING:  We're going hiking!  Check out the calendar or Hiking Forum for more information

CYCLING: The 2021 Cycling Schedule is out!!  Check the Cycling Page and Cycling Forum for all the latest information 

Book Club : The Spring book has been chosen and you have until May 3rd to acquire, read and register for the discussion.  View more information in the Book Club Forum.

Golfing: The starting dates for golf have been posted in the forum and can also be found on the OSC Calendar.  Golf Forum

Messages and Updates

Lodge:  The lodge remains closed due to Covid-19. The Lodge Committee is monitoring the situation watching for the opportunity to reopen. (click "Lodge" for more details)


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Forums:  Please utilize the Classified Forum  to share items to sell/give away.  Members can login to access the Forum and create a new "topic" (item notice). 

Check out the forums for  our many activities   You can subscribe to any forum to receive notifications of postings.

Visit the Hot Deals pages for discounts for the upcoming season

For events and activities, visit the Calendar to find out all about what's happening!

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Calendar "Top Six" Events
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Classified forum updates

OSC 10% discount on pool supplies
OSC: $12 flights or $1 off a pint, 1/visit
OSC 10% Discount on accessories
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