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What did you do today?

  • 04/27/2022 8:57 AM
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    In actuality what Marilyn and I did was three days ago, Sunday 4/23. The day was quite warm, the sun was out, and very little wind.  A perfect day to paddle our little canoes, so off to the Old Erie Canal in Chittenango where we put our boats in and went out for a short paddle and to pick up any trash on the banks of the canal.  Did have a run in with some geese that had a nest on a bank, but we steered clear of them when we realized it's their home. Only an hour of time on the water, but we did enjoy everything including our 'adopt-a-canal' concept...although I did get wet when I was getting into my canoe...it moved and I wasn't really ready. Oh well, Newton's law is still in effect.

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