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On the water again

  • 09/18/2022 11:35 AM
    Message # 12923219

    Actually it was yesterday when we put our little canoes on the water, this time Nine Mile Creek just west of the state fair area. The Honeywell company had put in a launch site at the end of Pumphouse Road which had a good parking area and an easy walk on grass to the water's edge. The creek bed was solid, so getting into and out of our boats was good. 

    It was decided to paddle with the mild current to Onondaga Lake instead of going upstream, and that was OK except for the noise generated by all the vehicles on 690 and 695 we paddled under as we made our way to the lake. Once there, it was quiet save a powerboat once in a while. We, that's all seven of us under the direction of the club's paddle chief Mick B, paddled along the shorelines both east to beyond the amphitheater, then back going a little west of the creeks outlet. Then it was back to the launch area and picking up what trash we could get to as we paddled along.  A good couple of hours. 

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