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Golfing July 30th thru August 18th

  • 07/29/2020 11:45 PM
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    Darlene Devendorf (Administrator)

    Upcoming Dates:
    July 30th Lyndon at 1pm - Jane , Larry and I will be playing the backside, come join.
    August 4th Lyndon 1 pm
    August 11th Lyndon 1 pm
    August 18th Westvale  1pm

    A Note from Jan:

    Hi guys
     Good time was had by 14 of us at Westvale.   Afterwards we all went to Nancy and Dave's backyard for a chat and social distancing.  Anne came to be with us but did not play as she is still on the mend.   Janice was to tired to play but came afterward to chat.   Judy had a tough time with the trees , they called to her all round.  My driving is getting more distance but still need more improvement.  Jane missed playing as she got a tick bite and had to see the doctor.  Mary Jo said she was not good enough to play with Dave and Nancy, but she kept up (she is better than she thinks).  Also, Carol is free to golf again. She enjoys playing with Larry.  Dave and Diane missed this week as they are at Rolands pond.

    Well i guess that is all the news.

    Thank you Dave and Nancy for being our host, love the big backyard and the shade.
    See you on the course!

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