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Golfing Oct. 20, 2020

  • 09/27/2020 9:22 PM
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    Darlene Devendorf (Administrator)

    10/20: Westvale at 1pm

    An added note from Jan. (Oct. 18th) - see previous note below.

    Hello fellow golfers

       Sorry I am late getting this weeks information out but with Larry leaving and a new weekly schedule, I kind of forgot.

      Six of us did golf last Thursday , nobody else was on the golf course when we started , so we played a "sixsome" and had a great time. It was cold but we dressed for it.  Larry complained his hands were cold after playing.

    After we got through we tried to group up at Traditions but the kitchen and bar was closed, so we headed for Trappers and had a beer and pizza - more than that we talked for an hour. Love the after golf gossip.

    Golf 10/20 will be at Westvale 1 pm and Anne will find a place to group up after we are done.   This will be our last week OSC golf this season, next year we will see when we can start.        Jan

    Hello fellow golfers

    This will be Larrys last week , so we will make him happy and golf at Lyndon , same old same old 1PM , 10/13.  The weather will decide what come after golf, if we have a nice day Cedar Bay will be the place of not we can decide while we play.

    But for our last week 10/20 weather permitting Westvale 1 PM.  I think everyone had a good time last week at West Hill , 13 golfers some played 9 some played 18, Carol H had the best score , good going girl.  Diane played but her back was hurting, MaryJo played with Janice and Conrad, Bob got the play with the big guys(Larry and Bill).  Bill gave out golf balls out of his 5 gallon bucket to anyone that wanted them. Ball hawking is his favorite pass time, and then he is a nice guy and shares with everyone. Bill will be taking off for Florida soon also. We will miss theses guys.


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