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Last day at the “Bush”

  • 01/27/2023 6:39 PM
    Message # 13075705

    Today Friday, most of the members headed off to other things in their lives while Marilyn and I headed to Sugarbush for a day of skiing. By the time we got there every parking lot at Lincoln Peak was full. I drove up to the drop off point to leave our gear, but we decided to try Mt. Ellen. There we did get to the drop off point and noticed on the way up there were some empty places within walking distance to the lodge. All went well, so boots on and up the lift to ski under the shining sun. Did enjoy it until my legs/feet started arguing with me. At this point the sun started to take a break too. Decided to stop pushing the envelope and just enjoy the fact we had a good day, enjoyed gliding on the snow, and the fact the everyone up at the club’s lodge are just great people to be with. Now if I-can just get my feet and legs to cooperate…

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