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Golfing Sept. 15th and 22nd at Lyndon

  • 09/13/2020 8:30 PM
    Message # 9233250
    Darlene Devendorf (Administrator)

    A Golfing Note from Jan

    Hi fellow golfers

    I think all had a good time at West Hill, we had 16 players. Bill, Larry and Carol played 18; the rest of us played 9. We had 6 that walked. The rest of us road around in carts. I started Larry's group early so we could all finish about the same time. Maryann Janson joined us for the first time. She played with Jane, Maryjo and Kay D,

    After golf we did our socializing on the porch area; some just had a beverage, some ate a late lunch, but we all enjoyed the time together.

    Thursday we had our usual 4 to play , but no eagles that time. We played the backside and have had no trouble getting across Rt 92.

    On 9/15 we play Lyndon at 1 pm and gather at Cedar Bay after and we'll do the same for 9/22.

    If the weather is still good 9/29 we will pick a new place to play and maybe we can play into October if the players still are around and want to play.


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